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Custom Built Educational Shows

Puppet Art Theater Co. specializes in the development of live touring productions geared toward effectively conveying educational messages. Through years of performance experience we have developed and honed highly successful methods to communicate educational information to school age children.

We provide:

Imaginative Script Writing and Development
For over ten years, Puppet Art Theater Company has been writing and adapting scripts for family audiences to be used in live performances, video, TV and film production. We specialize in writing scripts for live performances that require emphasis and retention of key educational and promotional messages. We have written scripts on many topics including water safety, energy conservation, literacy promotion, music education, science education, animal by-product usage, cancer treatment, and health education.
Original Puppet Character Design and Fabrication
Years of know-how and practical experience are behind each puppet produced by the fabrication team at Puppet Art Theater Co. They have produced hundreds of quality puppets used in video and film projects, live performances and workshops across the country. Our durable hand, rod and moving mouth puppets are designed to grab and hold any audience’s attention.
Custom Set Design
Puppet Art Theater Company brings a strong history and understanding of developing professionally designed and built puppet stages for live performances in a wide variety of venues. Our successful stage design are visually attractive in order to capture and hold audience attention while being practical and functional. Our high-quality set design takes into account visibility for a variety of audience sizes while cleverly concealing puppeteers from public view.
Talented, Reliable Performers
Our performers are experienced, talented puppeteers with an excellent track record of promptness and professionalism. Puppet Art Theater Co. places the greatest emphasis on representing every client in a positive and professional manor. Our performers and tour managers are trained to maintain the highest quality standards in each performance and in each interaction before and after the performance.
Cost-Efficient Tour Management
Giving our client the best bang for the buck is the goal of every tour built by Puppet Art Theater Co. Thousands of performances at countless venues have aided us in developing cost efficient techniques that allow our tours to reach the maximum number of people while pinpointing the audience demographics you want to reach. We can tour anywhere in the USA and abroad.

Examples of Puppet Art Theater Co.’s Educational Shows Currently Touring

AquaSMART Live

AquaSMART Live, A Water Safety Program currently touring for The California Department of Boating and Waterways.

Splasher the Frog and his buddies Joe and Charlie show kids how to stay safe when they are in and around California Waterways. Learn to Swim, Wear a Life Jacket, Look Before you Leap and other life-saving lessons are taught to Elementary School Audiences across the State through an interactive Puppet Show for the K-3’s and a Game Show for the 4-6’s.

AquaSMART Live has received multiple awards including several from The National Safe Boating Council and Puppet Art Theater Co. received an Award of Merit from The National Water Safety Congress for their work on the AquaSMART program.

The live show is supplemented with a DVD series featuring the same puppets and curriculum for teachers to use to follow up on the important topics discussed.

The Right Pet for Princess Penny, a puppet show developed for Napa Humane to teach families what to consider before bringing a pet into their home.

The Right Pet For Princess Penny

Princess Penny wants a pet for her birthday. To her father the King’s dismay each pet she brings home causes chaos in the castle. With the help of her Fairy Humane Mother Penny and the King figure out the right pet for the Princess.

Currently touring throughout Napa County, The Right Pet for Princess Penny is accompanied by an activity book that supports the educational messages from the puppet show.

Puppet Art Theater Co. has worked on educational projects with:

  • The California Department of Justice
  • The California Department of Health and Human Services
  • Women, Infant, and Children Nutrition Program (WIC)
  • California Department of Boating and Waterways
  • UC Davis Med Center, Oncology Department
  • Sacramento Municipal Utilities District (SMUD)
  • California Department of Parks and Recreation
  • The City of Sacramento
  • The Sacramento Symphony League
  • Napa Humane