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What type of venues do you perform at?
We perform for Libraries, Preschools, Elementary Schools, Corporate Events, Festivals, Conventions, and Private Events, and Birthday Parties.

Where is your Theater?
We are a touring puppet theater company bringing our shows to you. While we do perform regularly at Fairytale Town’s Children’s Theater we don’t own a theater. You can check our web site calendar to see where we’ll be performing next.

What age is appropriate for a puppet show?
We perform many of our shows for preschool age audiences (2-5 year olds). We also have several shows that work well for elementary school age audiences (5-12 year olds).

How long are your shows?
Our shows run 25-35 minutes depending on the show and the audience. At appropriate venues, the performance can be followed by a “behind the scenes” puppet demo that children love. This makes the total presentation time 40-45 minutes.

How many children can your shows accommodate?
Our puppets are good sized hand, rod puppets and moving mouth puppets designed to be easily seen from a distance. We regularly perform for audiences of 200-500 children at elementary schools, 20-150 children and preschools, and 20-250 children at libraries. The largest audience we’ve performed for had over 750 members. It primarily depends of the performance space, but for us the more the merrier.

Are your shows live or pre-recorded?
All of our shows are performed live. We realize that each audience is different. We believe that the magic of puppet theater works best when the performers can have the flexibility to react to and interact with each individual audience. This flexibility allows us to give a customized performance for each group.

What do you charge?
Our prices are comparable to other puppet companies in California. Pricing is based on the show chosen and the location of the performance. Please call or email for exact pricing in your area.

How far will you travel?
The majority of our shows are performed in Northern California (Bay Area, Sacramento Valley, etc.) but we’ve toured our shows and workshops to San Diego, Los Angeles, New York City, London, Shanghai, South Korea, and many other locations.

How much space do you require?
For most of our shows we use our touring puppet stage. It is 8’ wide by 6’ tall and requires approximately 6’ of depth. The puppets perform in the middle and upper tiers of the stage so children will be able to see best if there seated on the floor at least 3-4’ from the front of our stage. Our set-up is quite flexible and has allowed us to perform just about anywhere. Our blacklight productions require special set up. Contact us for details.

What else do you require?
We bring everything we need including our touring puppet stage, professional sound system, and of course, a full cast of custom-made puppets. We do need access to an electrical outlet that is at least 20’ from where we will set up.

Is there a public performance where I can see one of your shows?
Yes. Our web site has a calendar listing many of our upcoming public performances. It is updated regularly so you may want to check back from time to time.

Do you perform outside?
Yes. We require a dry, solid, clean, level surface on which to set up. We also require an electrical outlet that’s at least 20’ from where our stage will be. Our stage is a bit of a kite in breezy weather. If it’s breezy we might need a couple of volunteers to steady our stage during the performance.

Do you teach puppet workshops?
Yes. We are available to teach puppet building and manipulation workshops to adults, high school and Jr. high school students. We also teach puppet workshops to elementary school age children. Please call or email for details.

How do we book a show?
Call us or email us.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Checks, cash or major credit cards.

Are you insured?
Yes. We carry a liability insurance policy through Puppeteers of America.