Virtual Field Trip Performances

September's Show: Tommy's Space Adventure

Field trips can create lasting memories and foster a love of learning, but transportation costs, volunteer coordination and permission slips can make them a hassle. 

Here’s a great way to take your class on a virtual visit to Puppet Art’s Studio without all the fuss.  Students will enjoy a live-streamed, interactive puppet performance and then participate in a virtual studio tour to see how the show was created and performed.

To join in on the fun simply choose a date and show from the list below and click on the “reserve your spot” button to register your class. (See Frequently Asked Questions.)

If you’d like to book a live, virtual performance just for your class or school on a date and time of your choice, you can book that here: In Person and Virtual Shows.

The Virtual Field Trip Season Pass

With the season pass you are invited to all 10 performances and all 25 performance dates and times. Plus you'll be able to watch (and re-watch) recordings of each performance and receive teacher resource sheets for each show with links to curriculum ideas, puppet building videos and more.

Virtual Field Trip, Tommy’s Space Adventure

Tommy loves books about outer space and space aliens. His greatest wish is to someday meet a real, live space alien. Little did Tommy know, his wish was about to come true. Zeenon the Space Alien travels millions of light years to meet interesting earlings like Tommy. Mad scientist, Dr. Lost N. Space is also interested in space aliens…interested in selling them for millions of dollars! Will Tommy save his new found friend from the evil plans of Dr. Lost N. Space? Find out in “Tommy’s Space Adventure. ” Live and and rod puppetry coupled with digital special effects and graphics make for an unforgettable virtual theatrical experience.

Stay after the performance to see a behind the scenes look and the show and participate in a live Q&A with the performer.

Dates and Times:

  • September 27th (9am, 10am)
  • September 28th (8am, 10am)
  • September 29th (8:30am, 10am)

(Times shown in Pacific Time Zone.)

Suggested Grades: TK-3rd

Cost: $55 (per class/device)

Follow the links below to register for a Virtual Field Trip. Note all times shown in Pacific Time Zone:

Register for September 27th at 9am

Register for September 27th at 10am

Register for September 28th at 8am

Register for September 28th at 10am

Register for September 29th at 8:30am

Register for September 29th at 10am


Is there a fee for the virtual field trips?

Yes, the fee is listed under each event. The fee is for each device viewing the presentation. (Occasionally we may offer a free field trip.)


What internet security measures will be in place?

In Zoom Webinar participants cannot turn their video or audio so you will only ever hear and see the performers during the event. Chat is also disabled.

Can we have more than one class view the show for a single fee?

Yes. The fee is per device. You are welcome to gather multiple classes together and view on one device.

How do we pay?

You pay via credit card when you register on the Zoom website. If your school secretary, PTA rep. or principal is registering your class please make sure they register with your email so you’ll get the link to the virtual show.

Are the programs recorded?

Yes, however, only the performance will be recorded, the students are never recorded.

How do you suggest we view the performance?

We recommend using external speakers facing the students and setting up the presenter on a projector or a large monitor attached to your connecting device. The program will be broadcast over Zoom Webinar in High Definition.

How can our class participate in the Q&A?

The Q&A feature in Zoom Webinar will be active during the session. Teachers can enter their students’ questions in the Q&A feature.

How many classes will be viewing the program?

We have room for 500 classrooms per field trip. Fortunately, Zoom Webinar allows everyone to have a front row seat.

Our class can’t use Zoom. Can we use another platform?

Not for these virtual field trip dates. We can book a performance specifically for your school or class on other platforms. Please Contact Us to schedule a performance specifically for your school or class.

We missed our field trip date that we registered for. Can we see a recording?

Yes! That’s why we record the performance, just in case. Contact Us for a link to the missed field trip.

Please Contact Us with any additional questions.